Metsan Group

Metsan, which has been founded in 1990 by Ercument Tahmaz and Mujgan Tahmaz as a Customs Consultant company, has become a complete Logistics service providing company today thanks to 20 years long experience in the Sector. The Company cover Logistics activities ranging from customs clearing to transportation, from warehousing services to insurance agency and in every field of the logistics.

Metsan is an IATA CARGO agent and also member of the FIATA, UTIKAD and the DTO. Metsan Air Cargo, Metsan Sea Freight, Metsan Roadway Logistics, Metsan Customs Consulting, Metsan Warehousing & Handling Services and Nes Insurance Agency are included within the Metsan Group structure.

Metsan Group, manages the delivery of exhibition materials, samples of Chemicals and others, gifts, personal effects and all other kinds of material, whether they are subject to customs duty or not, by applying all of the physical and legal procedures considering the most suitable time-cost-security conditions from the address of the shipper to the consignee address. This process is indispensable for the Metsan Group, which will be based on the requirements of customer as ranging from banking transactions to customs points, from freight modal selection to the insurance issues. The factor that steers the Company processes is at least the customer requirements and their expectations.

We fullfill this mission with our experienced human resources, which have full application capability for all client requirements whatever its scope is, with our ocean wide access network from the USA to the Far East, to all the countries of Europe, to the countries of North and South Africa and to the Turkic republics with the respect to your time, your budget, for image of your company, for confidentiality of your company information and for your demands by providing “Hassle Free Service”.

We have also set up more than 40 agency partnerships in various countries of the world as the result of the 20 years experience in international business relations. We had carried out for air and sea freight to many countries and from many countries as well as our Customs Consultancy services. United States of America, Canada, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, India, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Nigeria, Somali, Sudan and Australia are some of the countries that we work actively.

Metsan has now improved the quality of its services that it has been providing for its customers for the last 20 years under the philosophy of "problem-free logistics chain" with the ISO 9001 certification more in order to provide "Food Products Warehousing" services for its customers through its trained and experienced workforce under most suitable conditions through the ISO 22000 certification for the warehousing as well.

Our Mission:
To set up international strategic cooperation with our continous investments for our global logistics business development, for our human resources and for our technological infrastructure and to apply the synergy we create for the Logistics Management services, which our customers have demand for with lowest possible cost and optimum high quality and by producing the regulation compliant solutions in the fastest way.

Our Vision:
To be a brand amongst the top first 5 companies in our Sector in Turkey, which will provide integrated logistics services at the international standards and which is a creative solution partner by providing competitive benefits for our national and international customers with our innovative solution providing structure of the Metsan Group. Always consider the customer satisfaction at the first by using our knowledge and experience.

We will provide the most effective way to achieve the targets that had been determined within the Logistics Management System.