Combined Transportation
Production can be performed in any place, where the production costs are thought to be lower and the produced goods can be shipped to any place, where the demand is available, in the world that is becoming globalised.

The profit margins of the companies is getting even lower in the global competitive environment. Therefore, even the smallest improvement that can be achieved could become more of an issue. In this case, the logistics budget that is put forward becomes important. It becomes necessary that all of the operational data, which is required for this improvement to take place, should be planned in detailed way.

Metsan determines the operation in a way that it will be the fastest, the most reliable and the least costly by selecting the mode or modes of transportation that are suitable for the requirements of its customers during the planning stage for these operational data. COMBINED TRANSPORTATION MODES becomes important here in order to reduce the total costs and the Metsan, which has adopted protection of the nature as its principle by creating less amount of carbon emissions due to the emphasis we place for the environment, is a company that creates difference for its customers by managing the LOGISTICS CHAIN in the most effective way through its experienced personnel and by offering different alternatives for its customers.
Intermodal Shipping
This is a shipment mode, during which we use more than one shipping mode when the customer wishes to receive his/her goods from the required place and takes it to its destination by using logistical activities in order to reduce the total cost and in order to protect the environment and where the goods is placed in a container or in a vehicle in order that the transhipments will be fast.

For example: Railway + Seaway
Multimodal Shipping
This is a shipment mode, where we add value like handling – packaging for the goods of our customers during the transportation or during the intermediate warehousing services and where we do not use containers or vehicles during the transhipments that we carry out by using more than one transportation mode.

For example: Road Transport + Warehousing (handling) + Seaway
Combined Shipping
This is a shipment mode, where we use for our door to door logistics activities amongst the services we provide for our customers as the Metsan by including the services of CUSTOMS CLEARING + WAREHOUSING + INSURANCE or by not including these. We are pleased to provide this shipment mode for our customers, which also covers the internal shipments besides the logistics activities between two countries, by creating TROUBLE-FREE LOGISTICS CHAIN.

For example: Internal Road Transport + Seaway + Internal Road Transport