Our Insurance Services

The NES SIGORTA insurance agency, founded in 2008, is providing its services with the objective of meeting the insurance requirements of customers of the Metsan Group and others. Being the agent of Anadolu Sigorta, first in Insurance sector in Turkey, with the present and the new products, Nes Sigorta has made a name for itself in its field of activity with its structure, where it harmonises rapidly with the new changes by following closely to provide its services also in the individual insurance field in order to cater for the developing needs of its customers and to widen its reliable service range even more.

Nes Sigorta is continuing with its activities within the framework of professional service comprehension and which forms solid relationships with the insurance companies it works with, is in cooperation with the Anadolu Insurance, which is the leader insurance company in its sector, in order to provide standard solutions and to put forward its difference by providing the most suitable alternatives that have been developed with regards to the requirements of the customers with fast and suitably priced service understanding without sacrifice in quality.

Nes Sigorta has the goal of increasing its competitive edge with its vision of being the establishment that is preferred in the sector by all kinds of insurance products, has riveted its place in the sector by including the agencies of insurance companies, which are experts for their work, professional bad reliable for their services.

Nes Sigorta provides the insurance services for its customers in the following branches;
• Comprehensive insurance,
• Third party policy transactions,
• Housing,
• Business,
• Fire,
• Dask - earthquake
and in other branches outside of the life insurance.