Warehousing, Distribution and Packaging
As the Metsan Group, our aim is to reduce the total operation costs and to improve the processes of our customers in the Supply Chain Management. We offer warehousing services for our customers as pre-production and as post-production. Various warehousing services are produced at our warehouse in Hadimkoy Istanbul, total area of 12500 m2 and 3000m2 covered space or in their own warehouses of our customers as single customer or shared warehousing organisation, as export goods loading platform, as cross loading platform, as distribution centre. We also provide duty free warehousing services as the Metsan Logistics.
Distribution Services
Metsan Group has progressed one step forward for the international transportation and logistic services, which is provided by traditional methods. The delivery of the goods, which has been made ready for the delivery that is the last ring of the National Delivery Supply chain, to the customer or to the address of the final consumer is also provided by our company within the same care and the quality principles. Flexibility is kept at the forefront as being in line with the requirements of our customers while achieving delivery organisation within Istanbul and at all points throughout Turkey in general as being fast and under security.
Packaging, Repackaging, Handling and Barcode
Metsan Group has made creation of added value throughout Logistics Management processes and to become more effective and more productive at every point of this process as its principle in order that its customers could create competitive edge in their own sectors. It can create all of the required added values like, quality control, barcode application, labelling, product assembly, re-packaging, handling, packaging and the similar, in a way that is suitable for the requirements of the customer.